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  • Welcome to Hospice Hope. Hospice Hope is a vision of what can be achieved by caring and working together, to provide care in the community, in our part of Leicestershire.

    Hospice Hope wants to be able to offer a sanctuary and safe haven to those people who need it, at a time when they need it most.

    Nothing comes easy in life, but life is even more precious when the days are to be counted. 

    It’s a long road indeed that we are walking, but much can be achieved if each of us could stop, for just one moment, and ask “what can we do and how can we help?”. 

    Nothing is impossible and no contribution, in whatever shape or form, is insignificant.  It all leads to the same goal and “hope” for a better future for the people that need it most.  Our own people in North West Leicestershire.

    Let’s care together!  Let’s take responsibility together!  Let’s make a difference together!  You can help make it happen!

    You can donate to Hospice Hope by clicking on the Donate button below.  

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