Jude's Story

Jude was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012.She was a smoker and developed a cough. The X-ray confirmed the diagnosis, and she was sent to see the consultant. She was told her disease was untreatable. When recalling the moment she received the news, "You're going to die, he said ,just like that, and my whole world just went".

Jude was 59 and happily married to John for 40 years. They have 2 married daughters. "They're both strong girls," she said.

Until Jude's diagnosis she had worked at Tesco in Ashby for over 10 years. "Never complain about going to work," she said, "I'd have liked a bit more time".

Soon after her diagnosis Jude was encouraged by a friend who volunteers at the Ashby Support Cafe to go along, and had been attending regularly every Friday. "I didn't know what to expect really. It's the general chit chat-there's no barriers. Everyone just talks if they want to and it's important, it's really important. It gives you hope, it's as simple as that".

Jude had a strong network of people who were able to help her cope with her illness. The Ashby support cafe gave Jude a chance to maintain a social life in a safe and welcoming place. "With good friends and good family, you get through it no matter what".

Just because a person is ill doesn't mean life stops, and for Jude it was most important for her to know that her family would be alright. In the last year she bought a new house with her husband and also welcomed her first grandson on her birthday.

Shortly after telling me her story Jude's illness progressed. She died in February at home with her family around her. She was positive and smiley to the end. Her inspiring story demonstrates exactly why Hospice Hope exists, and why we need to do more, with your help.


Dr Geoff Foulds, Chair of Hospice Hope

April 2014