Referral Process

How do I refer myself or someone I know?

Information for attending either Guest Days (Mondays and Thursdays) or Carers Plus day (Tuesdays)

Please ask the person concerned so you can make sure they have  given permission for you to contact us. Once contact is made we will guide you through our referral process.  We’ll ask you a series of brief and simple questions to gather some information about your situation or that of the person you are calling about.

Once a referral is taken, Carol, our Care Services Manager from Hope House  will arrange for you to visit us to have a look around and hear about what we can offer.  You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you for this visit. There will be some paperwork to be completed to help us support you the best we can.

If Hope House is suitable for you, we will agree what day you will attend and arrange transport for you on your nominated day. 

Please contact Carol, our Care Services Manager on 01530 222 079 or email her at:

Please note the office is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will get back to you as soon as possible.