Hospice Hope AGM

Hospice Hope 2016 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 13th July at the Hermitage Park Hotel

“Turning Vision into a Reality”

What a wonderful turnout for last night’s meeting – a packed room of 47 members and supporters came together to hear an informative review of 2015 and most importantly more detailed information about ‘Hope House’.

Long standing member, Peter Last chaired the meeting and standing in for our Treasurer, Linda Mould, presented a very positive review of the charity’s financial position, showing how the charity has grown in terms of income over the last couple of years and explained that although costs have also increased, these have been necessary in moving the charity forward.

Stewart Shepherd then went on to engage everyone with a light hearted and yet deeply passionate overview of the many highlights of the last 12 months.  The attendance of guests at our three support Cafés is growing and a price cannot be put on the value of the support they give to many people across North West Leicestershire. Thanks were given to the three Support Café leaders and the many volunteers who help them on a weekly basis.  Stewart went on to run through a plethora of heart-warming slides showing our guests on various outings and activities at the Support Cafés and the many varied fundraising events that have taken place in 2015 and 2016.  Support from ‘third party’ fundraisers i.e. individuals, groups and organisations really is the cornerstone of our fundraising income.

‘Turning Vision into Reality’ was the title of the night and Stewart delivered our plans for Hope House in Griffydam.  This is something the charity has been planning for some years, and now with the generosity of one of our trustees that reality is happening.  Planning permission for Hope House has been submitted to North West Leicestershire District Council and once this has been validated, there will be (hopefully) a wait of only 1 – 2 months before permission is granted.

Hope House will mean that our recruitment of volunteers and fundraising efforts will have to be doubled if not trebled!  Exact details of the number and type of volunteer roles will be released once planning permission is granted, but in the meantime we need your help to boost funds and raise our profile.

Please consider becoming a member of Hospice Hope for only £5 per year - membership application form – any new memberships received following our AGM will receive a lovely, high quality Hospice Hope shopping bag.

If you have any ideas for fundraising events, please do speak to us, or if you would simply like a collection box for home or a pub, shop etc. near to you, again we would be delighted to provide you with one. 

Your support is vital to the future of Hope House and the reality of providing Day Hospice care for North West Leicestershire, something that has now been absent for 14 years.

For further details please email info@hospicehope.org.uk

Volunteering at Events:

We are in need of more volunteers to help out at the following forthcoming events:

Jim’s Tractor Run and Family Fun Day on Sunday 31st July

Ashby Open Gardens on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August

Please email stewart@hospicehope.org.uk if you are able to help on any of these dates - thank you!