Ibstock Support Café

At the Hospice Hope Ibstock Support Cafe on 19 April 2016, there was great excitement!

When the Support Café was opened in November last year, one of the guests said how much they enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles.  So a 500 piece jigsaw was acquired.It was not at all easy and was round in shape which added to the difficulty.  







Over the weeks more and more guests helped Vera to add pieces and eventually on 19 April the last piece was placed by Vera.










It seems very likely that another jigsaw will be found to complement the other activities.

During the 5 months that the Ibstock Support Café has been open, it has grown steadily with a great leader, amazing volunteers and wonderful guests.  The team of complementary therapists who help at all of the Hospice Hope Support Cafés are very popular and do a much appreciated job.