Ashby Open Gardens 2017

Ashby Open Gardens: 10th & 11th June 2017

Well the weather held and many people set out to enjoy the 16 ‘Open’ gardens and Ashby Allotments over the weekend.  Hospice Hope Trustees and supporters were out and about with leaflets and newsletters to support the event, as well as picking up some gardening ideas and tips of their own!  Here’s what Trustee, Daniella Murphy had to say:

“Loved my visit to a selection of the beautiful gardens. It was my first time I at the Ashby Open Gardens, and I had no idea quite what to expect, but found it to be many exceptionally friendly Ashby people sharing their hard work and relaxing garden spaces.

In addition to viewing the many wonderful unusual plants, people offered refreshments with the money being donated to the chosen charities.

Dan and I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning, giving us ideas on what plants should be grown to encourage bees or perhaps growing fresh salad leaves just outside your back door! 

Such incredible support from the people of Ashby.”

Our thanks go to Steve and Annie Mills and all the Ashby Open Gardens committee members, garden owners and Allotment holders for their dedication and hard work in organising this event.

We will keep you updated with the news from the organisers as soon as we hear from them.