Ashby Rotary Club

Pictured below are Trustees Peter and Kate Last receiving a cheque for £5,500 from Phil Dyer president of Ashby Rotary on the occasion of the Presidents Evening to celebrate Phil Dyer's term of office, attend by approximately 100 people on 19th October. The funds were raised partly from a recent golf day held at Willesley Golf Club in Ashby which was organised by Rotary and partly from a Rotary International grant.

In thanking Ashby Rotary Peter said "Ashby Rotary have been exceptionally supportive of HH this last year with the Santa Run and the Willesley Golf Day as well as other funding raising events they have organised and presented the proceeds to us. Rotary have been specific in that the money raised by them should be used for capital expenditure, for example tables, chairs and equipment for Hope House. Such has been the support from Rotary that we have been able to purchase all the items we have needed and make the building alterations that were required. We are extremely grateful to them".

Some of the funds Rotary have requested be used to purchase equipment for the garden area of Hope House that will include a new sit on mower (our current one is very old and keeps breaking down), a greenhouse, garden seats and bulbs. These items will be presented to Hospice Hope in early 2018. A key point for Rotary was that the mower, greenhouse and seats would all be transferred to any future site run by Hospice Hope.