Hope House - Now taking referrals

Hope House - Now taking referrals, just the finishing touches to go!

We are getting tantalisingly close now to opening Hope House. Thanks to our amazing volunteers who have mended, painted, scrubbed and weeded their way through the house and gardens, it is all looking very ship-shape! Our dedicated Hope House Leader, Linda, plus therapist and cook are on board and volunteers are going through the necessary final checks. With furniture, carpets, and a multitude of items for the kitchen all on order, we hope to be announcing shortly when Hope House will receive its first guest (this is what we call people who attend).

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that we are taking referrals for potential guests from today, Monday 20th March. People can refer themselves to us (self-referral) or referrals can be made by health and social care professionals, a carer or family member. Hope House differs from our three Support Cafés in that attendance is only for those with a life limiting illness and by referral.

Please contact us by phone on 01530 222 079 and Linda, will guide you through our simple referral process. We’ll ask you a series of brief and simple questions to gather some information about your situation or that of the person you are calling about.

Once a referral is taken, Linda will arrange a home visit where a full and confidential assessment will be completed, accompanied by one of our volunteer registered nurses. This meeting is important as it provides the opportunity to hear directly about the services we offer at Hope House and a chance to discuss any issues or concerns.

Further information about Hope House can be found in the following document: Hope House FAQ Leaflet

If you have any queries that are not covered in the FAQ leaflet, please don’t hesitate to ring Linda on 01530 222 079 or drop an email to: hopehouse@hospicehope.org.uk