Seated Chair Exercises

Our Coalville and Whitwick Support Café Leader Ann has sent over these wonderful photos of the group enjoying seated chair exercises, led by Sharron Miller.







Ann said: "it is chair movement to music which was fantastic, everyone laughed so much and moved so well,i t was a very successful therapy, making everyone very relaxed and happy, guests and volunteers alike. We did all the actions for the Macarena,YMCA, Reach For The Stars, Agadoo and more. Sharron is fantastic at getting everyone going, I can recommend it to anyone." 

When the music stopped the group also did ball throwing, which is very good for improving response skills.

Our Coalville and Whitwick Support Café runs every Wednesday from 1.30pm to 4pm at the Hall Lane Methodist Church (next door to Coalville Rugby Club) and is open to people with life limiting conditions and thier carers.  Just drop-in, there's no charge and you'll be made to feel very welcome by this friendly, supportive group!