Poetry Competition

Hospice Hope are thrilled to be able to announce the winners from the Summer Poetry Competition for primary school children in North West Leicestershire.  The competition standard was very high, and the judges were all impressed by the range and depth of ideas.   The theme of “hope” clearly inspired local children to explore words, rhythms and rhymes in a variety of new and creative ways.

The first prize, which is a Fire 8 HD kids edition, has been awarded to Dexter Mackie aged 9, from Congerstone Primary School.  You can see his original submission by clicking on the following link: Stop.Think.Save

Dexter Mackie – Aged 9

S.T.S (Stop. Think. Save)

Think of the beautiful sea side
Would you feel sad if the fish died
By time it is twenty fifty
They’ll be more rubbish than fish in the sea

Think of the United Kingdom
How would you feel if there was none?
We put so much dirt in the air
The ice caps are melting, it’s so unfair

Think of the beautiful sea side
How would you feel if it survived
You can help undo the damage
Recycle more or we will all vanish

Think of the tropical jungles
What if there were no animals
Stop poaching it is cruel and mean
Carry on these creatures won’t be seen

Stop think and save could change our lives
And then the earth we be revived
Start thinking wisely, it makes great sense
We don’t want our planet to be past tense.


The poem was met with wide praise by our expert panel of judges.  Head judge Ben Norris said “A fierce and unapologetic poem that is at once damning us and inspiring us to do better”.

Runners up prizes are as follows:

Second prize, a family membership to Conkers, awarded to Eleanor Nkiru Morse – Aged 11

Third prize, a family ticket to the National Space Centre, awarded to Amelia Miller – Aged 7.

All three poems were read out at Century Theatre on 3rd October as part of their National Poetry Event, with all shortlisted poems on display at Coalville Library until 31st October.

If you have any queries, please email liz@hospicehope.org.uk or give Liz a call on 0759 195 2027.