Summary of our AGM

2019 Annual General Meeting

For those of you who were unable to attend our AGM on Tuesday 14th May at Heather Village Hall, here’s a summary of the main points:

Financial Summary

Peter Last, Trustee and Chair for this AGM opened the meeting with an overview of our financial position for year ending 31st December 2018, pronouncing that Hospice Hope is in a sound financial position:

  • Revenue stood at £64,000 for the year, a 2% increase on 2017
  • Income from events increased from £14,000 to nearly £30,000
  • Expenditure had increased by 27% to £90,000
  • We were over ambitious with our fundraising target for 2018, subsequently there was a cash outflow of £26,000.  However, the charity was still able to retain a healthy cash position, with £106,000 held at the bank, the majority of which is in interest bearing accounts.

For 2019, we are closing the gap on income versus expenditure, due to the effect of our increased fundraising efforts coming through and excellent cost control measures in place:

  • Our projected income for 2019 is £111,000, with expenditure of £121,000.  This will result in a net cash outflow of £10,000.
  • The increase in expenditure is essentially due to our fourth Support Café being opened in Castle Donington, Hope House, training and administration costs
  • The charity now has 6 part-time members of staff and costs £2,327 a week to run

Peter thanked our Treasurer and fellow Trustee, Linda Mould, for all her hard work over the year and also thanked our many supporters for their contributions, big and small.

Presentation of our Strategic Direction

Daniella Murphy, Trustee, then delivered a presentation which outlined Hospice Hope’s strategic direction, including our 5 key goals for 2019 through to 2024.  These goals for the next 5 years, came from an extensive strategic review carried out by Christine Baker and Maxine Astley-Pepper and included in-depth SWOT and PEST analysis:

  1. To increase the number of Support Cafés and increase their usage
  2. To expand the availability of the Day Care Centre and increase attendance at Hope House
  3. To develop bespoke supporting services for carers of the service users
  4. To plan and deliver a new base for when the lease on the current Day Centre expires in 2021
  5. To explore the role that Hospice Hope can play in the delivery of the modern concept of hospice care in the local community

Chairman’s Presentation

Our Chair, Stewart Shepherd, concluded the meeting with a more light-hearted review of the year to a back-drop of some wonderful photos and looked forward to some key events for 2019:

  • The opening of Hope House for a third day
  • The eagerly awaited announcement to see if we are to be presented with the Queens Award for Voluntary Service
  • Increased understanding of the support we provide for carers at the moment and expanding on this in the future
  • The challenge of raising £110,000 this year
  • Being able to announce our plans for Hope House 2, which we are working on right now!
  • Receiving a substantial donation of £90,000 from the Leicester based charity ARC, who have sadly closed down, but are distributing their cash assets amongst local charities who have empathy with their ideals and beliefs

Stewart’s presentation also contained a discussion regarding the word ‘hospice’ and what it means to people.  Although running a small bedded unit was part of the charity’s original vision, the prohibitive costs have necessitated our current direction of more community-based support.  Hospice Hope is about supporting people on their journey through their whole illness, not just at the end of life stage.

However, the door to bedded care has not been firmly shut. Dr Bill Spiegler, Trustee, spoke about his idea to part-fund with West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, a palliative care bed in a local, specialised nursing home.  This idea is still in an embryonic stage with a local GP practice, but it would fulfil some of the charity’s original aim.

Thanks were given to all the trustees, staff, volunteers and supporters of Hospice Hope for their dedication to the charity over the last year and for 2019.

The meeting was closed at 8.30pm. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended on the night.