A new virtual world

Coronavirus has forced face to face support services to rethink how to continue their services in the digital world. We at Hospice Hope have found ourselves asking how we can recreate what is special about our Support Cafés and day respite at Hope House when we aren’t physically together. We are also faced with the challenge of learning new skills on the internet which we have maybe never had to negotiate before. 

 So how do we support people to not only use these new platforms, but also still feel the warmth of our connections in this new virtual world? 

Thankfully I stumbled upon Deepr, an organisation at the forefront of researching how we can, as charities, promote human connectedness during these challenging times and beyond. Deepr treated us to a workshop in learning some tips and tricks to bring us closer and to communicate better. 

 We are now designing a framework for our Support Cafés, to help our guests feel as comfortable and supported as they would do at our face to face services. In the meantime, Deepr shared this lighthearted tutorial on how to communicate in the virtual world without needing to talk over one another! We hope to see our guests and volunteers incorporating some of these in the coming weeks and months.  We think the coffee gesture is especially useful!

Liz Waters
Lead in Community Engagement