Little packs of Hope

By Liz Waters - Lead in Community Engagement

Yesterday I met up with Jan and Stewart to pack goodie bags for our guests. We recently trialed a food delivery for some of our service users and one of the most important things we all learned, was that the human contact was the most valuable aspect of the service. When we decided to look beyond these food deliveries, I saw that for those who don’t use digital services, or participate in online groups, there might be a further gap left from where our face to face support services were. I felt that if we could continue that contact, while bringing some activities to brighten a day it could be invaluable. 

I put a call out to the community, asking for donations of craft packs, jigsaws, books and other activities and we were not disappointed! The community has been extremely generous and we have been able to pack up around 24 “Little Packs of Hope” for our guests. With enough donations to make up more bags in the future. 

It was a lovely morning, sifting through the donations and personalising the goodie bags. It reminded me of the value of face to face contact, and how important our work is, to continue to search for new ways of reaching out to people at this time. 

If you would like to donate, or if you know someone living with a condition limiting quality or length of life who might like a pack delivering, please contact Liz on  07591952027

7th August 2020