Telephone Support

Since lockdown started on Monday 23rd March,which meant that Hope House and our weekly Support Cafés had to close, our volunteers have been providing regular telephone support to our guests (our name for our service users) - reducing the feeling of isolation that many have been experiencing. 

Each volunteer is keeping a simple log of how long the calls last for and recently these were all totted up.  The findings are amazing and we are so grateful for having such a dedicated group of volunteers.










Data recorded from 23rd March to 19th June 2020

We have, of course, been able to transfer some of our services successfully during lockdown - the weekly Zoom Cafés are very popular, our counselling service has moved over to providing support via the telephone and video calls and we have just started a new telephone befriending service, primarily for people new to our charity. All the links to these services can be found on our homepage.