Drawing Classes

NEW – Starting on Monday 1st February 2021 at 11 am and every 2 weeks for 1-2 hours

Guided Drawing Lessons by Zoom OR with written/pictoral instruction if you don’t Zoom

Take part or just enjoy watching and learning

Kindly provided by Dominyka – a Hospice Hope Volunteer

All that’s required is paper, pencil, rubber and your imagination

INTERESTED?:  Please email catherine@hospicehope.org.uk to book your place

Monday 19th April  at 11am:  Animal Drawing

Bring a picture or photo of an animal to draw from or use the one which Dominika will share on the screen and draw from in the class

As with previous sessions, she will use screenshare on Zoom to talk you through the steps of drawing landscapes, while providing tips and feedback during the class.





Monday 17th May at 11am:  Stylized Drawing

Stylized Drawing is the process of drawing in a style that is not realistic and is exaggerated.

Many drawings and illustrations are stylized like cartoons, caricatures and picture book illustrations.

In this class, we will do some drawing exercises to encourage creative drawing, imagination and show the basics of stylised drawing. An example is to draw a triangle. Now use the triangle to draw an animal. Or draw a rectangle, now turn it into a plant.