Drawing Classes

NEW – Starting on Monday 1st February 2021 at 11 am and every 2 weeks for 1-2 hours

Guided Drawing Lessons by Zoom OR with written/pictoral instruction if you don’t Zoom

Take part or just enjoy watching and learning

Kindly provided by Dominyka – a Hospice Hope Volunteer

All that’s required is paper, pencil, rubber and your imagination

INTERESTED?:  Please email catherine@hospicehope.org.uk to book your place by Monday 11th January

Monday 1st February at 11am: Session 1 – Still Life

Pick out and bring 2-3 objects from around your home to use as a drawing subject.

The session will start with you arranging your objects in an interesting way. Dominyka will talk through the steps to help you draw your own still-life picture. She’ll provide a demonstration using screenshare on Zoom and you can draw along with her and she will be able to answer questions and give tips too.

Monday 15th February at 11am:Session 2 – Plant Drawing

Bring a plant/flower or a photo of one ready to draw from or follow along with Dominyka using the flower picture above.

This session will build on what you learnt from the still life drawing session, but with a slightly different drawing subject. Again, you will be guided through the drawing steps using the example photo.

Monday 1st  March at 11 am: Session 3 – Portrait Drawing

Bring a photo or two with a close up of a person’s face, to draw from. A photo taken from the front is easier, but you can draw from photos of a different perspective for a challenge. Or you can use the picture above, which Dominkya will be drawing from during the session, whilst talking you through each drawing step.

Monday 15th March at 11am: Session 4 – Landscape Drawing

Bring in a landscape photo or picture to draw from or use the one above, which Dominyka will be demonstrating with.

As with previous sessions, she will use screenshare on Zoom to talk you through the steps of drawing landscapes, while providing tips and feedback during the session.

Monday 29th March at 11am: Session 5 – Illustration Challenge

Draw a picture from your favourite words, quote or poem or some suggestions will be provided too.

Let your imagination and drawing run free.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this and Dominyka can help with feedback, tips and showing examples to help inspire you.