Long Covid Support

Hospice Hope is proud to offer a FREE Long Covid 1 to 1 Support Service for North West Leicestershire

For people whose quality of life or life expectancy is affected by their condition







  • Are you or someone you know, struggling with long-term Covid-19 symptoms?
  • Would you/they benefit from tailored (1 to 1) coaching?
  • Do you/they live in North-West Leicestershire?
  • Are you/they over 18 years of age?

 We are offering:

  • FREE and flexible 1 to 1 holistic support; improving mood, movement and wellbeing 
  • A body and mind, whole of life approach, tailored according to need
  • 10 weeks of 1 hour sessions (via Zoom or at local community space)
  • With dates/times & programme plan jointly agreed
  • Led and facilitated by a qualified trainer
  • Working towards achievable goals, sessions will provide:
    • A safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, barriers and purpose
    • Strategies and techniques to reduce fatigue, breathlessness and tension
    • Support to gently improve aerobic and functional movement capacity
    • Sensible healthy eating advice
    • Signposting to other activities and support services as applicable


Places are allocated on a first response basis and are subject to meeting criteria


For more information please contact Clare on: 07591 952027 or email clare@hospicehope.org.uk