Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesday every week at 11am 

We offer two types of wellness sessions which are run on alternate weeks. 30 minutes of light/gentle activities for the body and mind 

Experienced and qualified therapists lead these sessions. 

Guided Relaxation 

The scene is set with calm music and will explain the style of meditation we will be practicing. All you will need is a quiet room where you will not be distracted. A comfortable chair, which has a high back to support your spine, neck, and head. Feet resting on the floor, no crossed legs. Relaxation has many benefits, reduces feelings of anxiety, can be an effective pain management tool, improves sleep, reduces stress levels and many more. 

Seated Exercise 

A total body workout designed for everyone. A great circulation boost, involving gentle mobility, cardiovascular & strengthening work; easing stiffness, increasing fitness & improving mood. Finished off with mild flexibility stretches, strengthening & finally, some calming breathing with gratitude. 

Free resistance bands are available, just contact Rachel and these will posted to you.

For more please call Rachel on 07511 324968 or email at rachel@hospicehope.org.uk 


June 8th:  Seated Exercise 

June 15th: Guided Relaxation 

June 22nd: Seated Exercise 

June 29th: Guided Relaxation 

July 6th: Seated Exercise 

July 13th: Guided Relaxation 

July 20th: Seated Exercise 

July 27th: Guided Relaxation